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Crows: It's brutal making an album

Counting Crows star Adam Duritz has confessed that recording the band's new album was "brutal".

The singer said laying down tracks for Somewhere Under Wonderland wasn't always fun because the seven-piece band have to be critical and demanding of each other.

He explained: "Well, recording is part enjoyable, but mostly kicking the c**p out of each other.

"I wouldn't call it fun. It's satisfying, but it's work. It's brutal. You've got to be. To make good records you've got to kick the c**p out of each other."

He went on: "Figuratively, but I think figuratively is actually worse than literally. I think most people would take a good swift beating in exchange for the other way.

"I boxed for years, and I would rather get hit than do the stuff we have to do to ourselves during recording."

Quizzed about why it such a tough process, he said: "It's nothing personal, it's just human. No one demands enough of themselves on a minute-to-minute basis to sustain that sort of creativity. So you have to demand it of each other.

"There's no way seven people are demanding enough of themselves to make great records all the time, you have to be so self-critical and demanding and you have to be able to notice the good stuff when it happens. So it's easier if we do that for each other.

"And anyone can play perfectly, but it's not that we want, it's not good enough, we want a level above that."

The California band released their seventh album Somewhere Under Wonderland earlier this month. They are set to tour the UK throughout November.

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