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Cuthbert's happy ending anthem

Elisha Cuthbert stars as a girl looking for a happy ending in Gaslight Anthem's new music video.

The Happy Endings star appears in the video for the New Jersey rockers' latest single Here Comes My Man.

Elisha, 29, appears at the beginning of the video, as a girl fighting with her boyfriend in a car.

Between cuts to the band playing on stage, Elisha's character goes to seek solitude in a cinema, where she jumps into the screen to become part of the romantic comedy and strolls hand-in-hand with the handsome romantic lead through a fairground.

When the film ends she comes back to reality and walks out of the cinema where her boyfriend is waiting to surprise her with a bunch of flowers, but she walks straight past him.

In real life the 24 star is happily engaged to hockey player Dion Phaneuf, currently captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs.


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