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Dan Reed feels right at home in Antrim

US singer-songwriter Dan Reed is now proud to call a small Co Antrim village his 'second home'!

Dan, the former lead singer with the funk-rock band The Dan Reed Network - who toured the world with The Rolling Stones and Bon Jovi - has just played a fifth gig at The Diamond Rock Club in Ahoghill, near Ballymena.

"To be honest I think it is one of the most hospitable places in the world as far as how people treat me.

"I grew up in South Dakota in America in a farmland where everybody knew each other and everybody was kind and I get that sort of vibe from here. I do look on Ahoghill as my second home," he said.

Dan was playing a solo set showcasing songs from his last album 'Coming Up For Air', some old DRN favourites and a couple of new songs off his forthcoming album 'Signal Fire'.

"I've been spending my time playing gigs in America, Scandanavia and the UK and also finishing off the album in the studio I've built in Prague.

"We've recorded around 21 songs and I am happy with 10 or 11. I'd like to put a few more songs on the next album - maybe 15 or 16 tracks.

"We'll have finished all of the recording by around July and the plan is to have the album released in the Fall," he explained.

Dan, who took time out before the gig to give a video interview, was scathing of the whole reality TV format and thinks it's days are numbered.

"It's just a way for advertisers and TV producers to make tons and tons of money off the back of these kids getting up and singing, and very few of them actually get a true music career out of it.

"I don't think that until you really beat the streets and play the clubs - and write a bunch of songs that are terrible and then finally figure out how to write some songs that are different but yet people can still relate to them.......until you go down that road your artistry isn't honed.

"It has to swing back the other way......and I hope it will," he added.

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