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Dannii Minogue: I'm a Belieber

Dannii Minogue has revealed she "officially became a Belieber" at the Australia's Got Talent final.

The Australian singer-songwriter had already met Justin Bieber when he performed on the UK X Factor, but found herself contracting "Bieber Fever" as she swooned over the Canadian teenage heart-throb during his special performance on the final of the reality TV show.

Dannii, 40, revealed on her blog: "As I had met Justin a while ago on The X Factor I wasn't expecting to contract a serious case of Bieber Fever - but this was a special day.

"During his performance, and unknown to his security and management team, he ran off the stage, jumped up in front of me on the judging desk and sang to me whilst holding my hand!

"I went bright red with embarrassment and didn't know where to look because, seriously, his eyes are mesmerising... HE TOUCHED MY FACE!!!!I

"I can honestly say he left my head spinning like a giddy schoolgirl's!!!"


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