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Deez hoping for better reviews

Darwin Deez has said he hopes to change reviewers' minds with his latest album.

The New York singer-songwriter complained that reviews of his first album criticised the songs for all sounding the same, but that was his intention.

He said: "I just hate them when they miss the point and then sound like the voice of God because they think they know best. The album was the way it was because I wanted it to be like that, not some mistake or an indication of a lack of talent.

"It's just a shame people believe journalists when they're wrong. Even I believed it! But then if they have opinion that's wrong, it's still a legitimate opinion, it's just up to me to change their mind second time around, and I hope I did that."

Darwin also talked about his dancing which he said he picked up from a friend's band.

He said: "People seemed to love it, so I haven't been able to stop. And I don't think indie singers are supposed to dance, so I see it as a rebellion, and I like that."

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