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Delilah turns her back on the riots

Delilah has bared her body for a new campaign which aims to inspire young people to make a positive contribution to society on the anniversary of the London Riots.

The Go singer has joined celebrities including TOWIE stars Billie and Sam Faiers, Reggie Yates, Aiden Grimshaw and Paloma Faith in the Reverse Riots campaign, launched by the national youth charity vInspired, at

People are encouraged to post a picture of themselves offering positive messages and Delilah chose to hold her message over her naked back.

Delilah said: "I just wanted people to look. I don't see it as being daring - it's my back. My tattoo on the back of my neck has become a logo and a symbol of me and that symbol in itself represents strength and femininity and being an unbreakable bod, so I felt it was a good thing to put up rather than a cheesy smiley face of myself.

"I thought it would get people to look and also make a bit of a statement."

Delilah helped launch the campaign at Reeves Corner in Croydon, which suffered an arson attack in the London Riots of 2011, and has been covered with the pictures.

The 21-year-old singer from London said: "It was such a saddening thing to see the riots go on and young people be demonised for behaving terribly badly, and expressing themselves in a really negative way.

"It was such a minority of young people that were involved in the rioting and the looting, and so many were involved in the helping and the volunteering and the clean up afterwards, that I think it's really important to focus on the positives rather than the negatives.

"It was a time where a lot of young people felt neglected, with the student loans and the protesting, there was a lot going on last year.

"Some people were hugely devastated and there's no condoning it at all, but if good can come from bad then there's a lesson learned there."


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