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Denise's return 'helped baby bond'

Denise Van Outen has said her decision to go back to work so soon after having her daughter Betsy has improved her husband's relationship with their baby.

She said musical star Lee Mead, who she met while she was a judge and he was a competitor on BBC1 reality show Any Dream Will Do, initially found fatherhood "quite hard".

The actress and singer told Hello! magazine: "I went back to work quite quickly, but my daughter isn't suffering in any way.

"She's got a really fantastic bond with her dad and we've shared our parenting responsibilities."

Lee was left in charge of Betsy while Denise was in Peru taking part in a Breast Cancer Care charity trek.

She said: "He had the most amazing week with her. He said, 'I really feel that I've bonded with her now'. He was quite honest about the fact that he found the first three months quite hard. Because you're a mum, you naturally do everything, and sometimes dads can feel pushed out."


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