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Derry comedian Peter E Davidson tackles rosé wine taboo ahead of Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Peter E Davidson confesses all in his Guns N Rosé show.

Comedian Peter E Davidson is set to make his solo debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next month where he hopes to open up about his shameful secret - he drinks rosé wine.

Having worked with NI-based comedy group Love The Concept and Radio Ulster's The Blame Game in the past, the Londonderry comedian's Edinburgh shows will be a chance for him to unburden his soul in his solo piece Guns N Rosé.

"It's about my absolute failure to ever learn how to drink properly and how that's a sacrilege growing up in Northern Ireland," he explained.

"I would go to the bar and order a glass 'for the Mrs' and then when the barman would bring it down, he would set a pint of Guinness in front of me and the rosé in front of my wife. As soon as he turned his back I had to swap them round.

"But now I just have to be open and true to myself.

"This is all completely true, this isn't just a hook for a show - it's actually a desperate cry for help."

Peter will be performing his Guns & Rosé show in Edinburgh from August 3 - 27 where he will explain all about his drinking choices throughout the course of his life.

"It covers teenage failures, White Lightening and gin, and horrible experiences with Smirnoff Ice.

"I also tell a story about vomiting all over a serial killer's bathroom - that's a true story."

He added: "I've got 25 shows in total at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, it's going to be full on but I am really excited.

"I've performed at the Festival twice before as part of Love The Concept, but I've been building up to this, doing a lot of stand up over the past seven years and I think I'm now at the stage where I'm ready to stand there for the full hour by myself.

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Derry comedian Peter E Davidson.

"It was a long journey getting here and it is one of the most nerve wracking things. When I was part of the sketch group I had four other people with me, so I had something to fall back on.

"This time if I fall back, it's just going to be me falling over on stage."

In preparation for his Edinburgh run, Peter has been previewing the show across Northern Ireland, including a gig at The Blackbox in Belfast this week.

"I'll be honest I do still get nervous before I go on stage, and I'll usually have a glass of rosé beforehand," Peter admitted.

"But if I'm doing 25 shows in Edinburgh, that's an awful lot of rosé - that's going to test my limit, and my bank balance.

"For me, performing at the Festival is not a quest for glory or anything like that, it's like going to the comedy gym for a month - it's a great opportunity.

"There's only so many clubs you can gig at in Northern Ireland, and in the space of that month in Edinburgh I'll have done probably as much as you can do in a year here."

Speaking about the ever expanding comedy scene in Northern Ireland, Peter said: "I think it is really developing, and it's better than it has been in my lifetime.

"The fact that the likes of Shane Todd is selling out the Ulster Hall on his own, and Colin Geddis and his comedy squad are doing their amazing gigs in Lavery's Bar in Belfast, which is always packed out.

"Mickey Barlett is doing fantastically well and to see that, and to see him get the chance to do it, is brilliant.

"There's a real movement at the minute and for the first time it feels like there's a lot of really strong emerging talent, which is great."

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