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Dido giggles over Stan music video

Dido has admitted she gets the giggles when she watches the music video she shot with Eminem.

The White Flag singer teamed up with the Slim Shady rapper for Stan in 1999, and the video sees her playing the pregnant girlfriend of a stalker.

She told The Sun that while she had a blast making Stan, the video wasn't her best hour.

Dido said: "At the beginning of the Stan video, I say: 'Stanley!' That wasn't my finest moment. Every time I watch that video, the beginning bit properly makes me giggle.

"I remember sitting on the loo on the set with Eminem and Dr Dre there and thinking, 'How surreal can life get?' It's quite hard to sit on the loo without wanting to go to the loo. It wasn't my sexiest moment."

The 41-year-old now has a 20-month-old son - named Stanley.

She said: "At first I didn't make the connection between the names, but even when I did I wouldn't have changed the name because I had always wanted to name my son that.

"It's more of a coincidence that the song Stan was called Stan. I don't see Stan as the same as Stanley."


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