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Doherty quizzed over shop break-in

Pete Doherty has been questioned by police over a break-in at a record shop in Germany.

The theft happened early on Tuesday in the southern city of Regensburg, during which a guitar and a record were stolen.

Police in Regensburg revealed on Friday a witness had reported one of the three people involved to be the 31-year-old Libertines rocker, who was in the city to work on a film.

They say Doherty and a German companion were questioned on Thursday.

Police said the men told investigators they were on their way back from a bar crawl when one of the trio hit the window of the shop, which broke. They say the men claimed they couldn't remember details of what happened next because of how much they had drunk.

The guitar and record sleeve were later found in Regensburg's streets.

No charges have been filed.


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