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Don't go forward in anger, Ariana's manager tells Manchester concertgoers

Scooter Braun praised fans for coming to the concert following Saturday’s terror attack on London Bridge and Borough Market.

Ariana Grande’s manager has echoed the words of a mother of one of the youngsters killed in the Manchester Arena attack.

Scooter Braun recounted the message of Olivia Campbell-Hardy’s mother, Charlotte, that those who died will “never be victims” while appearing on stage at the One Love Manchester benefit concert.

He also passed on the words from the 15-year-old’s best friend, Adam, who was injured in the attack and was visited by Ariana in hospital on Friday night.


Scooter said: “This tragedy has made us all throw away our divides, our differences, our politics, our adult nature and look to our children.

“Manchester, your bravery is our hope. You joining us here today with so many watching around the world sends that message spoken by Olivia Campbell-Hardy’s mother, Charlotte that her daughter and all of the others lost will never be victims.”

He said a TV screen had been set up for the children who remain at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

“I promised one of those kids I would deliver a message, his name is Adam, he’s 13 years old. He lost his best friend Olivia that night and after his surgery we met him.

“And just I was about to leave the room, Adam looked at me and he said, ‘hey Scooter, make sure you tell them don’t go forward in anger, love spreads’.

“Adam if you’re watching, you’re our hero tonight,” he added to cheers from the 50,000 strong crowd at the Old Trafford Cricket ground.

Scooter also praised fans for coming to the concert following last night’s terror attack on London Bridge and Borough Market and called Ariana “one of the bravest people I know”.

He said: “Last night this nation was challenged and all of you were challenged and you had a decision to make if you were gonna’ come out here tonight.

“And this is so beautiful, you guys made that decision. You looked fear right in the face and said ‘no we’re Manchester and the world is watching.’


He added: “As unfortunately we saw yesterday, this will test us, and will show its face again. But because of you, we can now represent a worldwide community, that we will be ready, we will be fearless, we will be brave and we will honour our children, and the children of Manchester and all those children around the world.

“Because of our children and those children who had their tomorrow’s ripped away from them, we owe it to them to be brave.

“They demand our bravery, and I want to thank you once again for coming out here today and opening up our call that hatred will never win, fear will never divide us because on this day we all stood with Manchester.”

He revealed that Ariana had called him last week and told him “if we do nothing, I can’t live with that, we must do something.”

Scooter thanked all the emergency services in Manchester and by-standers to the attack who “risked their lives to save others”.


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