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Doolittle: Adele's my agony aunt

Eliza Doolittle has revealed she's been taking dating advice from chart-topping songstress Adele.

The Pack Up singer says she and her pals have been lapping up the lessons on romance from Adele, whose latest album 21 documents her heartache over the break-up of a relationship.

"Adele's amazing and very sweet with me and my friends. Everybody loves her right now and with good reason because she's not just a great songwriter, she's incredibly wise," Eliza told the Daily Star.

"She's given me and my friends loads of love advice, and it was good advice."

The 22-year-old who plays the Coachella festival in the US on April 15, admitted she got emotional when she listened to Adele's heartfelt tracks.

She added: "I love her album 21, but it's not always a happy story. It makes me cry every time I play it but that's part of her charm. She's stronger for those experiences."


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