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Dynamo stuns 1D with magic trick

Dynamo has stunned One Direction into silence with an amazing new trick that predicted what a winning fan's performance request would be.

The One Direction lads took part in an episode of Dynamo's upcoming fourth series of Magician Impossible where he appealed to their fans on social media to help bring about the stunt.

According to the Daily Mirror, the episode will show Dynamo put answers inside a sealed box for which city the lads should perform in, which month and which song they should sing.

Fans then entered their suggestions through social media and when the winning fan was picked, Dynamo opened the box to reveal all three matching answers inside, leaving the pop stars lost for words.

He said: "The event we film with them for the show is a big social media thing where they had taken over YouTube, Google Plus and Twitter - and it was a live stream.

"That just shows how seriously they take interacting with their fans."

One Direction's episode will air in the first instalment of the new series, which begins on Watch on September 4 at 9pm.

The trickster recently said that it would be the last series of Dynamo: Magician Impossible, but that he wouldn't be disappearing altogether.


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