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Elbow to pen mid-life crisis tunes

Elbow are planning to write about what it is like to be in your 40s for their new album.

The band's lead singer Guy Garvey has said he will look at the issues involved with being middle aged, but that while a lot of people are having mid-life crises, he doesn't know how a rock star would do that.

He told the Daily Star: "The record might be called All At Once because you are all ages at once at 40. Society tells you that you have to live in the moment, so you see guys at 40 looking more thoughtful than anyone older or younger.

"A lot of my friends are discovering ecstasy as they near 40 and I'm going, 'What the hell are you doing?' We were on the fringes of the E generation but we didn't get into it.

"But how does a rock star have a mid-life crisis? Sell his motorbike?"

Guy recently recorded the string arrangements for the Arctic Monkeys' Glastonbury gig, which he called "an honour".

Elbow are set to release their new DVD, Live From Jodrell Bank, this week.


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