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Eliza Doolittle lives with mum


Eliza Doolittle still lives with her mum

Eliza Doolittle still lives with her mum

Eliza Doolittle still lives with her mum

Eliza Doolittle may sing about packing up - but she still lives next door to her mother who says they see each other "almost every day".

The 22-year-old, who has had a hit with her single Pack Up, stays in regular touch with mum Frances Ruffelle.

West End performer Ruffelle, 44, who lives in London's Primrose Hill, told Hello! magazine how her daughter might have packed up, but she has not moved very far from home.

She said: "We see each other almost every day, shop together, have lunch and go to the gym and for facials."

Ruffelle, a former Eurovision Song Contest hopeful, said: "She comes for dinner and loves my Sunday lunch. She's been a vegetarian all her life, but she can't cook and wants me to teach her."

She admitted she was dreading the day her daughter decides to move further afield.

"I can't bear to think of it," said Ruffelle. "I adore having her around."

Ruffelle told how her daughter, whose grandmother is theatre school founder Sylvia Young, would not have taken a "short-cut" to break into the music business.

She said: "She's been writing songs since she was 13 and gigging since she was 16. It's been a slow-burn for her and now she knows more about the music business than I do. No way would she have taken a short-cut and gone on The X Factor or any of those reality shows. It's obvious she has incredible talent and is being judged on her own merit."

:: The full interview is in Hello! magazine, out now.