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Elton John: The best is yet to come

Sir Elton John thinks he will make “even better” records in the future.

The British musician is one of the world’s most respected recording artists, having enjoyed a lengthy and successful career.

Elton is immensely proud of his achievements, despite admitting he’s suffered from low points, and thinks his musical abilities can only improve with age.

“My career's been so wonderful. It's had its ups and its downs, and periods of self-doubt like any creative artist, but at 63 years of age I hope I can now look forward to making other records that are as good if not better,” he beamed.

Elton collaborated with American musician and songwriter Leon Russell on his most recent album The Union (with Leon Russell). The talented star has taken his sound in a more old-school direction recently, and thinks it was definitely a wise choice to make.

“I'm proud of the decisions I made, which turned out to be the right decisions. And I'm very proud of this record. This is the icing on the cake. My career's been so wonderful,” he enthused.

Elton went on to admit his collaboration with Leon is one of his favourite works of his career, and he can’t explain exactly why he loves it so much.

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