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Elton: My son shows music talent

Sir Elton John has said his young son Zachary is showing his own musical talent and is already getting used to the stage.

Chart star Sir Elton, who is likely to score a number one album this weekend, said the youngster "plays" the piano, rather than simply bashing the keys.

He said 19-month-old Zachary has still to see him play live but told ITV1's Daybreak he has seen footage of him in concert playing outside Buckingham Palace.

Sir Elton said: "He loves the piano, he sits down and plays it - he doesn't just bang it, he plays it like I play it.

"He's never seen a show, he's too young. But he comes out when the stadium is empty and sits down on the piano stool with me and he plays and looks into the microphone and thinks 'What the hell is going on here?'

"But he knows what I do because somebody showed him the Jubilee on tape and he went 'daddy'."

Sir Elton reaffirmed his view that he and presenter David Furnish would like another child at some point, so Zachary does not grow up an only child.

"We definitely will," he said. "At what stage we don't know, but we definitely will. "I don't want him to be an only child."

Sir Elton is on course to top the album charts with a collaboration with Australian music duo Pnau, Good Morning To The Night.


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