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Elton sorry for concert outburst


Sir Elton said: "No-one should speak to a lady like that."

Sir Elton said: "No-one should speak to a lady like that."

Sir Elton said: "No-one should speak to a lady like that."

Sir Elton John has apologised to a steward following an expletive-laden outburst when she tried to stop crowds from surging forward during a gig.

The steward incurred the music legend's wrath during his show at the Kingsholm rugby stadium in Gloucester on Sunday night.

The steward was trying to stop people with cheaper tickets blocking the view of concert-goers at the front who had paid more.

The outburst, which was recorded by fans and posted on social media, caught Sir Elton telling the stewards: "I came here to play music, now all you stewards down there, especially the woman in the ponytail, f****** lighten up, will you?

"These people have come to hear music and if they want to put their hands in the air, let them. This is not f****** China, so p*** off."

The steward was seen to walk away and later the musician apologised, telling the audience: "It's not good enough to say that.

"Whoever told the stewards to be that strict, that's their fault and not hers, and I apologise and I will be willing to apologise to her face."

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Sir Elton brought the female steward on stage to give her a hug and share his piano stool with her, telling her: "No-one should ever talk to a lady like that.

"I'm very, very apologetic."

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