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Emeli Sande talks of marriage split


Emeli Sande has been talking about her marriage split

Emeli Sande has been talking about her marriage split

Emeli Sande has been talking about her marriage split

Emeli Sande has talked about how she split from her husband after just a year of marriage.

The performer and songwriter said she was caught in a "whirlwind" when she and marine biologist Adam Gouraguine - her first-ever boyfriend - tied the knot in September 2012.

And in an interview with The Times, in which the chart star talked publicly about their divorce for the first time, the 27-year-old singer said that they should probably not have married.

Emeli was aged 17 and working in a record shop, before studying medicine at Glasgow University, when she met Montenegro-born Adam, who was also a student there.

She said: "We were mates, but maybe we shouldn't have been married."

The singer told the paper: "We were married in the madness, the whirlwind. It was, literally, Olympics, wedding - fly to Montenegro, get married, fly back. We had maybe a week's honeymoon together. He was the person that had been there from the very beginning.

"And maybe I was just looking for 'OK, this is my guy - whatever happens, no matter how crazy this gets, I've got someone'. But our lives were so separate. I was on tour all the time and I think it was quite unfair of me to want his world to fit into my life so much. He'd come on tour then he'd go away for three months on a marine biology expedition somewhere."

Adam had been at her side as the Brit-winning star built up her career. She said: "Losing that support and structure in my life was the biggest thing. We really did grow up together."

However Emeli, who found huge success with her debut album Our Version Of Events, said they began to live increasingly separate lives and were "growing into different people", and they quietly split in the summer of 2013.

She added: "There was just something inside me that said, 'This isn't the life. You're pretending to be somebody else.' And that's so hard to explain to someone. I can't even explain it now."