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Emma: So excited about modern Annie

Emma Thompson has said she is "so excited" about the modern version of Annie she is writing for Willow Smith.

The Nanny McPhee star confirmed rumours she has written a new version of the classic musical for Will Smith to produce and his daughter to star in, and that rapper Jay-Z is writing the musical score.

Emma said: "I'm writing a modern version of Annie for Willow to play, which I'm so excited about because Jay-Z is going to do the music - Oh my God I'm so modern! So I am very thrilled about that."

The British actress stars with Will in Men In Black 3 as Agent O, head of the MIB. She revealed she was asked to play the role as she and Will are such good friends.

Emma said: "I know Will from before because I did a little bit on I Am Legend and I got on very well with him and I love his manager too."

The Oscar-winning actress has already written the screenplays for Sense And Sensibility and the Nanny McPhee films.

Jay-Z previously sampled one of the signature songs from the original Annie for Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem).


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