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Emotions high at So Solid reunion

MC Harvey has revealed that reuniting with the So Solid Crew was "the greatest night of his life".

The rap and hip-hop group, including members Romeo, Lisa Maffia, Megaman and Asher D, have reformed for a UK tour after playing a sold-out date at London's IndigO2 on March 21.

"It was an unbelievable night. I think people forget we were banned for seven years. The Government never let us tour. When the ban got removed, I got a phone call from Megaman about giving the fans what they want," he said.

"The actual concert sold out in one day. Apart from the birth of my daughter, it was probably the greatest night of my life."

The 33-year-old - who stars in Rufus Sewell's All Things To All Men - admitted tears were shed when the group met up again.

"So Solid was a collective so there was about 30 of us backstage. It was probably the greatest week of my life. Moving 10 years on and seeing how everyone has matured, all we'd done every day was laugh," he recalled.

"When the show finished that night, everyone was so emotional - it brought tears to everyone that we'd been through so much the last 10 years and there's still demand for us. The amount of artists that passed through to show their respects from Ms Dynamite to Chipmunk - they all came out as guests on the stage. It was quite overwhelming."

Harvey, whose real name is Michael Harvey Jr, said they're now planning a bigger tour, but they wouldn't do a show like The Big Reunion.

"We've sold out the Indig02. We don't need to do the Big Reunion but it's good," he said.

:: All Things To All Men opens on April 5.


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