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Eoghan Quigg’s early fame ‘led bosses to make a quick kill'

By Maureen Coleman

The father of Eoghan Quigg has accused the music industry of letting down his young son in the wake of the X Factor — claiming he was treated as a “quick kill”.

Chris Quigg said the 17-year-old was a casualty of his record company’s decision to capitalise on the show’s success, after he was forced to release an album of cover songs recorded in less than a fortnight.

And he told how his son was withdrawn and hurt after the album flopped and he was released by RCA.

Chris was speaking as Diana Vickers went straight to number one in the album charts with her debut, Songs From The Tainted Cherry Tree.

Although she failed to make the final three, her career looks set to follow a similar path to the 2008 winner Alexandra Burke and runners-up JLS, who have both enjoyed massive success since the show.

In contrast, Eoghan’s debut album was universally panned, resulting in his departure from RCA.

Speaking for the first time about his son’s experience, Chris Quigg said: “The album of cover songs was recorded in eight to 10 days. How can you do an album properly in that length of time?

“He never disagreed with them or questioned them, he just did what he was told. He didn’t write the songs, he just sang them.

“Had he been given someone to co-write the songs and more time to work on an album, it might have been different. The other acts were all given nine months to a year.

“They should have done the same for Eoghan, instead it was a quick kill.”

Chris said his son was supporting Boyzone on tour when the album was released and ridiculed in some sections of the Press. One music critic even went as far as to describe it as the “worst album in the history of recorded sound”.

Chris said: “He’s a young boy and of course that was hard for him, but he didn’t say much about it at the time.”

But Chris, who is now Eoghan’s manager, said his son has no regrets about doing the show.

“It was a brilliant platform for him and the disappointment came after the show.

“There are some fantastic people in the music industry and some who are not so fantastic.

“We didn’t even know he’d been dropped by the record company until we read in in the newspapers. That was pretty hard. He never expected to be treated like that.”

“All in all, it was a learning curve for all of us.”

And he said his son had high hopes for a comeback.

“He is concentrating on his exams for now but he will be back with some new material. He’s taken everything on the chin so far and when he does bounce back, he’ll be bigger and better than before.”

Eoghan with Diana Vickers

Eoghan Quigg was born in Dungiven and began singing at an early age.

After taking part in musicals at St Patrick’s College, he auditioned for the X Factor in 2008. His first performance was John Lennon’s Imagine. Eoghan came third in the final. He was romantically linked with contestant Diana Vickers during the show.

His debut album flopped and his record company dropped him.

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