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Evans fury at check-in desk snub

DJ Chris Evans vented his fury at British Airways online after not being allowed on a plane to fly back to the UK.

The broadcaster, who presents the Radio 2 breakfast show, told his fans in a series of tweets how he had been stranded in France.

He said: "British Airways. So let me get this right. I have a ticket but I'm not on the flight. Can you tell the BBC why I won't be in work tmr pls ?

"No, this is really happening. I've driven to Nice to get on a plane which I have a ticket for and they have just said sorry, no. Unbelievable. "

Evans added that he used his spare time in the airport last night to write a car review for a newspaper column and said the airline got "the odd mention", before saying: " Right. Extra me time. Bar !!!"

Having told his fans that " they'll always be a little part of me forever at that B.A. check in desk", he made it back in time to present this morning's show.

A British Airways spokeswoman said: "We are very sorry that some of our customers were delayed after we had to transfer them on to a slightly later flight. They returned to Heathrow Airport last night, an hour later than originally planned."


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