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Example: Alex's 'cereal ad' song

Example has tried to defend his criticism of Alexandra Burke's new single - and dug himself a deeper hole, calling it fit for a cereal advert.

The rapper incurred the wrath of the X Factor winner's fans when he slammed Start Without You on Twitter, but he told volunteers for youth charity at V Festival at the weekend, that he was just offering to write Alexandra a better song.

Example, real name Elliot Gleave, said: "I mean her latest single sounds like a song for a cereal advert and something that Daphne And Celeste would have released.

"I was just saying that I felt I could have written her a better song. That's what Twitter is for, voicing your opinion and that's all I did."

The Won't Go Quitely rapper had tweeted: "Did Simon Cowell actually approve this new Alexandra Burke song?

"She's a gorgeous talented girl and deserves better material. Seriously Simon I'll write a better song than that - call me. I mean it's catchy. But so was the song for Kia-Ora. Alexandra deserves better."

Example met with's festival volunteers aged 16 to 25 in between performing at V Festival.

He also revealed he felt urban artists like himself, Plan B and Tinie Tempah are victims of The X Factor and don't stand a chance of getting the No 1 spot thanks to the reality TV show.


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