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Example: I don't rely on my voice

Example has revealed he relies on his energy rather than his voice on stage.

The Changed The Way You Kiss Me singer, who was recently forced to cancel a series of shows after being struck down with tendonitis, and couldn't move about on stage, said he was aware of his limitations.

"Some people rely on great voices and guitar-playing. Unfortunately I'm neither of those. I just like to entertain people and put on a great, energetic show," he said.

The star said of his recent health problems: "I've got severe tendonitis. It's actually just tendonitis but most blokes stick severe in front of it, like man flu."

He added: "Just too many gigs this summer, I did about 60 flights, 50 gigs. Too much flying, not enough rest, and at the moment I'm seeing all sorts of foot doctors, physios, and I've had to cancel a month's load of shows. But as you can see I'm walking now."


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