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Example: My post-gig wind down

Example has revealed his rock and roll days are over.

The Stay Awake singer, who has just released details of his new 2013 arena tour, confessed that his post-gig celebrations have become very civilised.

"Gigs do wear you out because you just go mental on stage. Generally after the show I'll have a red wine or something, usually even if I want to stay out I just end up falling asleep," he admitted.

"I've been doing this for like eight years so the rock 'n' roll's all out of me now. I'm kind of boring, I've got a girlfriend, I don't like staying up late, I like exercising and going to the cinema. That's all behind me now."

But Example - whose next single Say Nothing is out next month - revealed he still gets a kick out of performing live.

The singer, whose real name is Elliot Gleave, added: "I love it. I wouldn't do it so much otherwise. As soon as I finish one tour I usually get three or four days off to recuperate and then I'm straight on to the next one.

"I like being on stage. Whilst I like making music, I don't really like the studio and recording process that much, I don't like being locked in a room.

"I like exercise and being out and about and travelling. I don't really enjoy the whole sitting in a room, listening to things over and over again, mixing and mastering and all that. It's part of the process. I don't really like shooting music videos, I hate photo shoots, I don't really like doing TV, I just love the live stuff."

:: Example's 16-date tour kicks off at Bournemouth's BIC on February 11. Tickets go on sale on Friday August 24.

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