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Ex-UB40 singer rests after collapse

Former UB40 frontman Ali Campbell has been ordered to rest by doctors after collapsing in the studio and being diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus.

The singer had what he thought was flu as he rounded off recording a new album in west London and had to be taken to hospital when his temperature soared.

The bug caused actress Barbara Windsor to take a two-year break from EastEnders until 2005.

Campbell will be rescheduling some of his live dates to allow him to rest.

A statement released on Campbell's behalf said: "The virus can be very debilitating and doctors have subsequently advised him to have eight weeks' complete rest.

"The doctors have also advised Ali to ease up on all touring commitments until the end of the year - in order to fully recover from the virus."

"The good news is that doctors have assured us that Ali will be fine, once he has had time to recuperate."

The performer, who is now solo, provided the vocals on a string of UB40 hits including Red Red Wine and One In Ten.


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