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Faithless can't believe success

Faithless have revealed they still struggle to believe their overwhelming success.

The iconic dance outfit have recorded six albums since they formed in 1995 to record one single, Salva Mea.

"To think we only ever got together to make one song and here we are with six albums of music to choose from - we never, ever thought for a minute we would be in that situation ...15 years later," admitted band member Sister Bliss.

She revealed the band - who have just headlined Global Gathering - only realised their potential after hearing a recording of themselves for the first time.

She explained: "It was maybe our fourth show ever, it was to 5,000 people in a factory with the Fugees and we'd never heard ourselves. Someone taped it and the broadcast went out after we'd done the show, and we listened to it ourselves and we were like 'it sounds alright doesn't it?'.

"You can't judge from the stage because your sound might be funny, you might have eaten something funny, you might be extra nervous or whatever and it sounds absolutely different to what you've got going on on stage. "

Vocalist Maxi Jazz added: "On that particular night, we listened to it on the radio and it was just like 'wow'. It was really good. After that it just gave us confidence for us to continue and to improve."

The band also revealed they arrived at Glastonbury Festival earlier this year so they could enjoy watching the other acts.

"We were playing on the Sunday but we went out on the Saturday afternoon," said Maxi. "We had a laugh. We enjoyed the festival for its own sake."

Sister Bliss laughed: "You could move quite freely and quite drunkenly as well from stage to stage. I certainly wobbled my way around the many fields."


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