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Ferguson: I face image pressure

Rebecca Ferguson has revealed the music industry's image obsession could "take you under" without supportive people around you.

The X Factor runner-up and mum-of-two, 25, said she still feels under pressure to stay slim and look sexier.

"If you allow it, and haven't got the right people around you, it can take you under," she told the Guardian.

"Even when I was auditioning at 16, it was all, 'Be sexy for me.' And there's still that pressure to be thinner, more attractive, have better boobs."

Rebecca, whose new single Glitter & Gold is out now, said Adele is her inspiration.

"If anyone has shown the world you don't have to do all that to sell records, it's her," the singer said.

"She's real. She's not in love with fame."


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