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Film character 'Duffy as a girl'

Duffy has told how she based her character in new film Patagonia on her own experiences as a "mischievous teenager".

The Mercy singer - who makes her acting debut in the film as an aspiring singer living in a caravan in North Wales who strikes up a romance with a young boy visiting from Patagonia - attended the premiere at London's Odeon cinema in Covent Garden.

Duffy revealed: "I based her on who I used to be - this girl who was a bit of a misfit, didn't fit into the small town, who used to long for the big smoke. So it was nice to go back and be captured that way."

She went on: "I don't know if it felt like acting really.

"I heard a really great bit of advice once - the way to be a good actor is to not act. It just felt like being... I was just existing on screen, rather than having to pretend. There was no pretence really."

Duffy insisted that even filming love scenes with co-star Nahuel Perez Biscayart were not too much of a challenge.

She said: "I just had to try to imagine what it would be like, go back into being this love-sick teenager.

"They weren't too difficult really, I didn't really feel out of my depth, it all felt quite comfortable, quite safe."

She laughed: "No nudity though, so that was OK."

The film is directed by Marc Evans and also stars Brother And Sisters actor Matthew Rhys and Evans' wife Nia Roberts.


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