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Findlay: It was music, or shop job

Natalie Findlay has revealed she decided to pursue a music career after flunking out of school.

The singer-songwriter from Stockport - who released her debut single last year and currently has a new EP, Greasy Love - got into music in her early teens but revealed it took a little while until she realised she could make it a career rather than a hobby.

Asked when she decided to go after a music career, she said: "When I realised I can't really do anything else.

"I flunked out of school and college, so I can either pursue music, or get a job in B&Q."

The singer is currently working on her album, which should be out next year.

"In my head, I'm about 50 per cent done, and I keep writing songs that push other songs off the album," she explained. "I'm just going to keep writing and writing and writing until my label tell me I have to record and release it all. Then I'll pick, but until then I'll just concentrate on new songs. I think it'll be out in the summer. Maybe."

And as well as working on her music, she is also looking for somewhere to live.

"I don't have anywhere to live at the moment so I'm couch-surfing with friends. It's not ideal, and I'm looking for somewhere, so hopefully I'll have a place to call my own soon," she said.

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