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Florence: I still let my hair down

Florence Welch has confessed to indulging in "three-day benders" when she isn't focusing on her music.

The Florence + The Machine star - who performed at the Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs - told Stylist magazine she tries to discipline herself when she is touring, but then goes wild and lets her hair down.

Florence said: "I can be really disciplined up to a breaking point and then I'm complete chaos.

"I'll be really straight for three weeks and then I'll be gone for three days, which drives my mum mad.

"I'm trying to find a balance but I guess it's one way or another with me."

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter also admitted that having her younger sister Grace as her PA did cause family clashes at time. But she will miss her sister when she leaves to go to law school.

Florence said: "We do get on each other's nerves.

"It's hard working with family because you don't hold back. But I really miss her. She's like my best friend. But I'd rather keep that relationship than [ruin it with] a working one."


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