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Florence Welch: Demons haunt my sleep

Florence Welch has revealed she often has nightmares about evil spirits.

The Grammy-nominated star is lead vocalist of British group Florence and the Machine, and is known for her unique sense of style and flamboyant stage performances. Florence has admitted she finds it hard to switch off after a busy day and is a terrible sleeper. She regularly suffers from insomnia and even when she does manage to snooze, she is confronted by night terrors and disturbing images.

"I suffer hallucinations about demons sitting on my chest,” she is quoted as saying by a British newspaper. "When the demons come, sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and go to local skips for old paintings. I hang them in my bedroom."

The 24-year-old has previously spoken of being visited by spirits from another world. Florence loves shopping for vintage clothes and revealed she once bought a retro dress to wear for a concert which she thinks may have been haunted as it had a life of its own.

“We bought it from a vintage store in New York. It was a party dress from the 1930s in the basement, and flood damaged so they weren’t going to sell it, and it was just going to go to rot,” she explained. “But we rescued it and restored it, and when we played at Somerset House it sort of came to life around me as if the dress was fulfilling some sort of past dream.”

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