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Florence Welch: I make packed lunch

Florence Welch has revealed she makes her own packed lunch every day to take to the music studio to work on her new album.

The 27-year-old singer admitted she felt she'd been "living in a studio cave" for months, working on the follow-up to Florence + The Machine's successful 2011 album Ceremonials.

Florence emerged from her cave to perform at The Other Ball fundraiser for the Arms Around The Child charity.

She told the Evening Standard: "The daily routine involves a bicycle and an anorak. I make a packed lunch - I do. Bicycle, anorak, packed lunch. It's kind of like, really old English. I've just really dedicated myself to one thing and everything else has got simplified."

And though the album is still a work in progress, she revealed she is really pleased with what she has laid down so far.

Florence said: ''It's going well. I put myself under so much pressure, though. I've been working on it solidly for so long, day in, day out. I've been more disciplined with myself than I've ever been.

''I just dedicated myself to one thing and everything else got sacrificed.''


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