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Florence Welch: She’s flaming good say legion of red head mini-Flos

The word on all the girls’ lips when describing indie-rock songstress Florence Welch is “unique”.

The Florence And The Machine frontwoman is a providing a refreshingly different role model for young women, as I found out from the music fans emulating their favourite star’s style as she headlined Belsonic last night.

Custom House Square was bulging with legions of mini Flos captivated by the flame-haired Londoner’s stage presence, unique sense of style and impressive vocal range.

Natalie Abusow (21) from Lisburn said: “She is unique, really different, edgy and diverse. I like punk style clothing and artists like Florence, Pink and Avril Lavigne. I don’t like the ‘no clothes’ look that some girls have and Florence is exactly the opposite.”

Portrush barmaid Laura Curry (20) said: “You can’t argue with that voice. I love her completely and utterly. She writes great lyrics and is so different from the Rhianna and Britney type artists. She’s floaty, fun and energetic, but of course I am showing loyalty to red heads. I think she is great.”

Erin Murdoch (20) is a student nurse from Coleraine. She likes Florence because “she’s not a diva”. “Her style is edgy in a classy way. I love her look in the Rabbit Heart video. She doesn’t orange up with fake tan and seems dead on. I love her music and that she hasn’t let fame go to her head.”

Ashley Gibney (17) from Belfast was at Belsonic celebrating her impressive AS-Level results (BBBA) last night. The St Louise’s pupil said: “I love her unique style. She sets a good example for girls that you don’t have to follow the crowd. She is natural and beautiful in a different way. I love her look for (hit) You’ve Got The Love.”

Evangeline Phillipson (18) and best friend Megan Kelly (18) travelled up from Dublin to see Florence. “Her style means she not like everyone else. Other artists are into drugs and behaving badly, but she is a good role model for girls,” Evangeline said.

“She is unique and a red head like me. I copy her style by seeing what she is wearing in magazines and finding something similar,” Megan added.

Jennifer McLaughlin (21) from Buncrana said: “My style is goth cyber, so I love Florence. She is very naturalistic and doesn’t oversell her look. Loads of girls in my town love her style and have the same hairstyle.”

Amanda Corr (18) from north Belfast is a brunette but has her hair dyed the same red colour as Florence. “She stands out because she is not a typical skinny twig. She’s different and unique.”

As Belsonic is a 16+ event Paige Moore (13) from Ballymoney will have to make do with CDs until she is a little older. “I love the colour of her hair and how it shows her personality. Her style is unique and so individual. She shows teenage girls how they can express themselves with clothes and not care what other people think. More celebrities should be like her.”

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