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Foxes: I am not Dr Who villain

Foxes has revealed she will not be playing a baddie in Doctor Who.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter, whose real-name is Louisa Rose Allen, has been invited to perform on the hit sci-fi show.

Foxes admitted she has been sworn to secrecy about her guest appearance, but did admit to BBC's Newsbeat: "I'm not the villain."

But the singer admitted she would love to get an action figure made off the back of her cameo.

She said: "That would be the one, wouldn't it? That's where we want to be. No, it was really exciting, I'm a really big fan so it was great to be able to do that."

Foxes said she thought the new Time Lord, Peter Capaldi, was "really exciting and very confident".

She added: "He's got a charisma and a charm that's very exciting and fresh."

The new series of Doctor Who will begin on BBC One in August.


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