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Franco and Rogen spoof Kanye video

James Franco and Seth Rogen have made their own spoof version of the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian video for Bound 2.

The comedy actors were bored on the set of their film The Interview and decided to reshoot their take on their current favourite music video, according to the Daily Mirror.

In Kanye's original version, he is shown getting close to fiancee Kim, who appears to be topless, on a motorbike.

James mimed along to Kanye's rap and danced around the set while Seth took on the role of Kim, baring his hairy back and batting his eyelashes at the camera.

The pair even took on the motorbike scene, cuddling up and kissing each other as Seth stretched out on the bike.

Kim obviously saw the funny side of the spoof video, even retweeting Seth's link to the YouTube clip, according to MailOnline.

"You nailed it!!! Sooo funny!" she wrote on her social networking page, although Kanye has yet to respond.


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