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Frank Turner says his new album will be one to play in clubs

The singer-songwriter hopes to release his seventh album in early 2018.

Folk singer-songwriter Frank Turner has revealed his next album will take on an electronic sound as he expressed wanting to make a record fit for the club. 

The musician’s seventh album, which he hopes will be out “early next year”, is a drastic departure from his previous records, a move which reflects a change in direction. 

Speaking to the Press Association at Cornwall’s Boardmasters festival, he said: “I wanted to make a record that you can play in a club, which is not true of any of my preceding records.


“Any artist should not exist in their comfort zone – I think it’s a terrible place to be. I feel quite established as an artist – I’ve done six records in the same ballpark and its like, why not do something different. 

“My taste in music has always been broader than the music I make. I’m trying to stretch myself.” 

The DJ and performer, who counts around 2,100 shows under his belt, admitted he was unsure what fans would think of his new sound, but said he had already received a vote of confidence when he gave a US club a taste of his new material. 

“People didn’t leave,” he joked. “If put on any of my preceding records, they might have done.”

The Way I Tend To Be singer is drawing inspiration from his wide taste in music, and cites king of soul Sam Cooke as an influence. 


He said: “Lyrically and stylistically, this record is a pretty radical left hand turn for me. I’ve been listening to a lot of heavy electro music and also a lot of Detroit and Memphis soul.”

Turner has been recording his album in Texas.

Listeners can also look forward to a Ben E King-inspired track as the 1960s hit influenced Turner’s latest work.

He said: “There’s one particular song on the new record which is my attempt to write Stand By Me. What I love about Stand By Me is that you can sing it without an instrument and you know what the chords are.

“I was trying to write a melody with that kind if power to it.”


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