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Gabriella Cilmi's Cinderella chores

Gabriella Cilmi has revealed she has been brought up to keep her house spotless, and is not diva-ish about household chores.

The 18-year-old Sweet About Me singer confessed she is "naturally messy" but her mother makes sure she keeps her home clean and tidy.

Gabriella said: "I don't have any cleaners or anything like that so I pretty much do my own still. I've got my mum staying with me at the moment so she helps me out with that kind of thing.

"But I'm from a traditional Italian family so I'm used to all that cleaning stuff, getting my hands dirty. That's the way I've been brought up, in a spotless house. And I'm naturally a messy person so I'm kind of the odd one out."

Gabriella will be hosting the Indesit Party Laundrette in East London, for the Indesit 'we work, you play' campaign to make doing the chores as fun as possible.

She explained: "I spent some time in the US and I walked past these crazy laundrette places that have a party going on.

"You take your laundry, you give that to someone and you have a bit of a drink and a bit of a boogie while you're laundry is being cleaned. It's a nicer way to spend your time at a laundromat. I lived a couple of years without a washing a machine, so I kind of know how that feels.

"I've got a dishwasher as well now so I'm letting the appliances do the work."

::Go to for more information and to win tickets to the event.


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