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Gabrielle's new love for music

Gabrielle has revealed she was initially tentative about re-recording a new version of her hit song Dreams.

The British singer collaborated with Naughty Boy to make a more reflective rendition of the track for her Now And Always: 20 Years Of Dreaming album, to celebrate the song's 20th anniversary.

"I was a bit sceptical about redoing the vocals but now it's like hearing the song for the first time," she told Metro.

Gabrielle's latest record is a compilation of new tracks and older songs, with previously unreleased remixes. The album, which is out now, happened after a chance meeting with producer Syience (Reggie Perry) at a music studio, and her love for music was rekindled.

The 43-year-old, who decided to 'retire' from music after releasing her fifth album Always in 2007, said: "After the last album, I thought, 'I'm ready to hang up my microphone'. I knew they couldn't say I'm a one-hit wonder any more.

"Things had been far better than I expected but also I'm a mum and I didn't want to miss out on the significant things - school plays and football."

She has enjoyed being back in the recording studio and making music.

"It's really exciting: I do feel like I'm being reclaimed," she said, adding: "I hadn't been in the studio for a while, then there was all this excitement of fresh music. Syience would play me tracks and I'd be like, 'Have the mic ready' and just freestyle."


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