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Gaga stops fans fighting over coat

Lady Gaga has shocked fans after she asked for her coat back when they fought over it during a concert.

The Applause singer had thrown the neon jacket into the audience as she performed one of her ArtRave: The ArtPop Ball shows in Belgium, but wasn't at all impressed when it sparked a tussle to claim it.

As the fans grabbed at the coat, the star sternly urged them to be careful and yelled "don't fight" - before demanding they return it.

Gaga told the surprised audience: "If you're going to fight, you don't get to keep it."

Video footage shows the Poker Face singer leaning over and peering at the front row with her hand out as she waited for the fans to give it back. The singer then handed the coat to one of her dancers.

Luckily, she didn't stay angry for long, and blew a kiss to the crowd, telling them: "And don't worry, I still love you."


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