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Gallagher: No 1 means you're bad

Noel Gallagher has claimed that being number one in the charts these days is an indicator of how bad a musician you are.

The former Oasis star and High Flying Birds frontman launched a foul-mouthed attack on the mainstream radio to NME magazine, saying that if Oasis were starting out now they would never achieve the eight number one singles they did, because he claims the music industry is corrupt.

Noel ranted: "If you're number one in the charts now, it automatically means you must be s***. Bands now go cap-in-hand to the industry and the industry has already decided what it wants for the f***ing chart stars. But the charts are all the f***ing same. Every single song in the top 10 is the same s*** with a different voice."

The 47-year-old musician and songwriter - who previously revealed he has turned down the offer to become an X Factor judge - was part of a panel discussing the current state of music alongside Courtney Barnett, Sleaford Mods' Jason Williamson and Elly Jackson, aka La Roux.

Noel admitted what frustrates him the most is the industry's control over artists.

He said: "The artist used to drive the industry, but the industry reacted to Britpop, or whatever it was. And now bands go to the industry and go, 'What is it you want again? OK, I can do that.' But when we all came along - and it wasn't by design, it was completely accidental - the industry took a step back and was like, 'What the f*** is this? These people are all drug addicts and maniacs, they're gonna f*** the f***ing share prices up! We need to get rid of these people!'."

He added: "If Oasis were starting tomorrow we would have nowhere near the impact, because you're judged instantly on your first gig, and then Radio 1 will judge you on how many f***ing followers you've got on Facebook.

"Oasis never had an A&R at Creation - we were given the f***ing keys to the kingdom and they went, 'Off you go, see you in a bit'. Now, the manager is accountable to the A&R guy, who's accountable to the guy above him, who's gonna lose his f***ing job."


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