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Gaz: I'm on my toes now I'm solo


Gaz Coombes is enjoying the challenge of being a solo artist

Gaz Coombes is enjoying the challenge of being a solo artist

Gaz Coombes is enjoying the challenge of being a solo artist

Gaz Coombes has admitted he doesn't feel he has any time to get comfortable now that he's a solo artist.

The English singer-songwriter fronted Supergrass for several years but has now struck out on his own.

He confessed it can be nerve-racking not having anyone else to shoulder any problems with - although he revealed that's also what motivates him.

"It's definitely more seat-of-the-pants stuff," Gaz said.

"There's no time to get comfortable, which is good. I'm always on my toes, because it's such a new thing and I guess everything's on me - a bad gig or a bad day or a duff review has to be on my shoulders. I can't share that around with the band.

"But it's exciting and even though I was with a band for 22 years, this is a new experience. I keep getting lovely little surprises and great moments which fuel the whole project."

Gaz recently unveiled his new album Matador, which some have said revealed the star's darker side.

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Discussing how personal the record is, Gaz insisted it wasn't too hard to create and that he actually finds it easier to open up in his music than he does when just talking.

He explained: "At times you wonder if lyrically, you want to let that much go, but then it depends on the track. Even with a lot of the very personal lyrics, you have to look at them like they're a hook - a musical hook, like a chorus. If it's a little couplet of lyrics that are very personal, they still have to have a hook to them.

"There's no point in being morose or depressing - it has to have an edge you can pull someone in with. I wasn't afraid of being honest and even, at times, emotionally stark, because that's life. I actually find it harder to talk about that stuff than write it down."

:: Matador is out now on Hot Fruit Records. Gaz Coombes is touring the UK and Europe throughout February.

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