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Gerard Way happy with Avatar connection

Gerard Way is proud that the props in his new promo were created by people that worked on Avatar.

The musician is the lead singer in My Chemical Romance, the American band currently promoting their new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. He was keen for the release to be the group’s biggest to date, and is proud of what they have achieved. Gerard wanted to make it bigger than ever before, and still can’t believe people involved with sci-fi epic Avatar agreed to be involved.

“I want to make a bigger statement, a bigger spectacle, a magenta explosion,” he said. “Take the... Fabulous Killjoys promo: we’re standing there looking at a 1979 Trans-Am that we’re about to destroy. We’re wearing $5,000 costumes and holding ray guns that cost ten grand apiece. The people that made f**king Avatar made those guns. I like that.”

Part of the reason Gerard, 33, is so keen to make a splash is he doesn’t agree with artists being pigeon-holed. He has dyed his hair a bright pinkish red colour, preciously because he knows people will think he is too old for such a carry on.

“I’m rejecting the common notion of adult life, because that’s actually the last generation’s deal,” he told Q magazine. “We’re dictating what this life is like, and it’s great.”

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