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Glastonbury: Police to lab test confiscated drugs

By Tom Morgan

A drug-testing lab has been set up at Glastonbury to help the Government “build a fast and accurate picture” of substance use on the festival circuit.

Drugs will be analysed, identified and catalogued within hours of being confiscated by police.

The lab results will allow scientists, police and drugs charities to establish the nature of any harmful substances taken by revellers, ministers said. The initiative is in response to the rise in the use of so-called legal highs.

Crime prevention minister Baroness Browning said: “We must send a clear message to anyone who takes so-called legal highs: you are playing Russian roulette with your health.

“The forensic early warning system is a pioneering approach that will help us stay one step ahead of unscrupulous manufacturers who peddle in these pernicious products.

“I am delighted Glastonbury and other festivals have supported this initiative and hope together we can help protect young people from the real dangers posed by these drugs.”

Police will take seized drugs to a nearby testing lab where scientists will identify them. The resultant intelligence will be shared with other summer festival organisers to allow them to take steps to tackle illegal drug use.

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