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GLC to host celeb golf tournament

Goldie Lookin' Chain have revealed they are hosting their own celebrity golf tournament to celebrate the Ryder Cup coming to Newport.

The tongue-in-cheek rappers will be taking part in the Goldie Lookin' Golf Tournament on September 25 with the likes of Dirty Sanchez stars Pritchard and Dainton, athlete Jamie Baulch and Howard Marks.

But the lads said they were most excited about playing with former Neighbours star Richard Norton, who played Daphne's Coffee Shop assistant Ryan McLachlan in the early 1990s.

Band member Rhys, who also confirmed the boys would be performing at the Newport Leisure Centre afterwards for "Newport's biggest-ever gig", said at the Virgin Media V Festival in Chelmsford: "We thought we'd do a massive gig in Newport while it's all going on in Newport. We thought, why don't we get former stars of Neighbours to come all the way to Newport from Adelaide? We've got Ryan McLachlan - his character was called Ryan McLachlan."

And he said Gillian and Gayle Blakeney, who played Caroline and Christina Alessi in the Aussie soap, were next on their hitlist.

"We're trying to get the Alessi twins," he said. "One of them was mega fit."

He added: "We tried to get Will Smith but he was busy."


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