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Glover: Fans waiting for right band

Rock band Heaven's Basement have revealed they waited so long to release an album because they had set themselves such a "high bar".

The rockers have been together for almost six years, but only unveiled their first record, Filthy Empire, this year.

Band member Sid Glover explained: "We set ourselves a high bar and never felt we were ready to release it before.

"We've had a lot of line-up changes, and with this line up we've been together about two years and basically had to start from scratch again. That's not very long to grow, really, so I think we've done well to grow this much in that time. We didn't want to just jump into anything. Hopefully we'll be playing some of these songs in 30 years' time."

Sid and the rest of the band - Chris Rivers, Rob Ellershaw and Aaron Buchanan - toured North America with Buckcherry this year and have previously been on the road with Bon Jovi and Papa Roach. They are now gearing up to hit the road in the UK in July.

Sid said he thinks it could be a good time for British rock bands.

"The fans are there, they're just waiting for the right band to come along," he said.

"A lot of people come to our shows that aren't rock fans, but they love what we do. We're great live, and if we can reach enough fans, there'll be a domino effect."


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