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Goulding so proud of Brit Award


Ellie Goulding is very proud of her Brits win

Ellie Goulding is very proud of her Brits win

Ellie Goulding is very proud of her Brits win

Ellie Goulding has revealed winning a Brit Award was extra special for her because it meant she could impress her mum.

The Burn singer won best female solo artist at the Brits in 2014 and said it had been a huge achievement for her because her family were at the ceremony.

She said: "That Brit Award meant so much to me because I wanted to win because my mum was there - she's never come to anything before - and my brother was there and I really wanted to make my family proud.

"I've been nominated for countless awards and never won any. I think some artists get to the point where they've won award after award and it becomes normal.

"For me it's still very new, so that was a real special point in my career and when I saw myself on the front of the paper winning that award, I was like, 'This is awesome, I'd like to win some more at some point maybe'."

Ellie, who is currently working on her third album, added she would be showing her fans something slightly different this time.

She said: "I play guitar, so I'd like to bring that back a bit more. I think having performed show after show after show my voice has changed, so I think that whatever comes will be a reflection of what my voice can do and its limits.

"I love seeing my show live and I think what I've learned is how things translate to live. That's been etched into me now so I think it'll end up being a lot more of a live record."

Ellie was speaking at the Bacardi Triangle, a three-day music event held in Puerto Rico which featured performances from her, Calvin Harris and Kendrick Lamar.