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Grace Carter on whether Dua Lipa has influenced her musical direction

The singer-songwriter spoke ahead of the MTV European Music Awards.

Grace Carter (Ian West/PA)
Grace Carter (Ian West/PA)

By Alex Green, PA Entertainment Reporter

Grace Carter has said she would consider making more dance floor-focused songs like her close friend Dua Lipa – but that she doesn’t have the moves to match her on stage.

The singer-songwriter, 22, said her new song, Fired Up, explores her true feelings for her boyfriend, who acts as her producer when they are in the studio together.

However, Carter, who has toured with Lipa, said she was happy sticking with her own brand of soulful pop music.

Speaking ahead of the MTV European Music Awards, she told the PA news agency: “I definitely think I have found my sound, especially in the last few months. But I’m never going to say never.

“I could go down that path but I’m not as good a dancer as she is. I don’t think I would be able to pull it off in the same way.

“I’m down for the emotional songs. I’m definitely better at that.”

The singer performed a three-song set in Seville, Spain, on the Saturday before the annual ceremony, which this year sees Ariana Grande and Lil Nas X competing for the top prizes.

Ariana Grande will compete for top prizes (PA)

Fired Up is more upbeat than Carter’s previous releases, which have focused on her father’s absence during her youth.

She said: “I guess I have written a lot of songs about certain things in my life and haven’t really touched on others.

“I was in LA with my boyfriend and I was doing sessions and I was really struggling in the sessions.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to write about. He produces all of my songs. I took him along to the studio and I had never really told him about how I felt.

“We had been together for a couple of years, and I wrote a song about the positives in my life rather than all the sad things. It just came together really easily.

“It just feels like a light and happy song to me. It felt like a transition from all the darker stuff that I have done before.”



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