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Green cut Arthur from new album

Professor Green has said he dropped James Arthur from his album because the singer "kind of imploded".

The X Factor winner was supposed to be on the rapper's next record, but Pro Green said he had to cut James after the singer's well-documented controversies, which include apparently writing a song about terrorism, criticising his own publicity team for their Twitter messages and temporarily leaving the social network after becoming embroiled in a homophobia row.

Green - real name Stephen Manderson - told Digital Spy: "James Arthur was on that record. But then he just kind of imploded, didn't he?

"It's a shame, when I met him he was a cool guy but he just upset so many people.

"The label was just like, 'It's not happening', and I can't fight the people who I need to support me."

However, the star said he hoped Impossible singer James - who parted ways with Simon Cowell's record label Syco earlier this year - could get back on course and focus on the music "rather than getting concealed by all the bulls**t".


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